Santo Ippolito Santo Ippolito was martyred for his Catholic faith in the year 258 A.D at Ostia, near Rome during the persecution of Valerian, Emperor of Rome. The modern village of San Ippolito was originally called Napoli Piccola or “Little Naples” because of its natural resemblance to the modern city of Naples. It is a small town near Cosenza in Calabria, Italy. In the early nineteenth century, a terrible earthquake devastated San Ippolito. Almost the entire population and prominent buildings were destroyed, except for the church of Santo Ippolito. When survivors saw that not one stone of the church had been touched they accepted this as a heavenly sign and changed the name of the city to that of Santo Ippolito. They vowed to pay the saint special honors annually on his feast day of August 13th if he would pray for them and deliver them from other catastrophes. The people kept their promise, and every year in the month of August they celebrate the Santo Ippolito Festival for three days throughout their town. Click the photo to Enlarge
*All monies collected during mass, pinning on the statue, tables, raffle and games goes directly to the St. Ippolito Society to defer cost associated with sponsoring the festival. All board members are volunteers and receive no compensation for their time and effort. Mass begins at 12:00 PM Celebrated by Most Rev. Earl Boyea  The Procession will follow immediately after Mass The St. Ippolito Festival is held at: Sts. Cornelius & Cyprian Catholic Church 1320 Catholic Church Road Leslie, MI 49251 Sunday, August 9, 2015 Please be respectful and quiet during the Mass Please do not begin eating until the Procession is over Raffle Tickets will be sold at 1:30PM To volunteer your time or items to the festival use the CONTACT US button above. To be a donor or patron use the BECOME A DONOR OR PATRON button above.           1 Table and 8 Chairs are available for $30.00, payable at the time you pick up your table and chairs Please join our mailing list Click the button to send us an email, please include your new or updated contact information, name, address, and phone #. If you prefer to manually send the email, our address is: Thank you.